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We provide full body massage, colonic hydrotherapy, and other spa services

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Immersing yourself in complete luxury is the perfect way to spoil yourself when you visit Serenity Wellness Spa in Orange County. When you’re looking for the ultimate relaxation or a session of absolute pampering services to allow yourself to feel special, you need to come to our massage therapist in Costa Mesa, CA.

Women, men, and couples can feel completely relaxed and at ease when they come to us for our variety of services. We provide soothing music, calming rooms, and a welcoming atmosphere to help make your visit totally memorable and comfortable. 

Additionally, we staff highly-skilled therapists who have your best interests in mind. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and invigorated, ready to face your day with the utmost confidence. 

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Our Services Include

  • Colon hydrotherapy
  • Full body massages
  • Hot stone treatment
  • Plantar fasciitis treatment
  • Specialty massages
Call Serenity Wellness Spa today to schedule any package and get two services at $5 off each. 

We are located at 
213 W Wilson St, E, Costa Mesa, CA

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